Getting Creative with Promotional Clothing: Innovative Ways to Elevate your Branded Apparel

Eco-friendly branded merchandise for a positive brand impact

While the humble logo tee has universal appeal, what do you do when you really want to wow? For those occasions where brand impact is everything, here’s a rundown of our favourite decoration techniques for your branded clothing. 

If we were to jot down the most effective promotional products for brand awareness, corporate clothing would top our list by some margin. Printed t-shirts, embroidered caps, and logo polos are consistently among our top requested items. And, well… We’re not surprised. Offering a high perceived value and repeated exposures, branded clothing is a flexible product for all promotional activities.

For many, a simple screen-printed logo will do the job, but when you want your clothing to stand out, we’ve got some tricks to take your branded apparel to the next level.


Plastisol inks are vibrant and easy to print with, and an industry standard for garment printing. Nevertheless, we’ve done our best to avoid the stuff. After all, taking an organic garment and slapping a plastic-based print on it (rendering it un-recyclable) doesn’t sit right with us.

Instead, we offer water-based printing. The difference is in the name, using inks consisting mostly of water rather than toxic solvents. This means printing equipment can be washed with water, without the need for harsh chemicals.

These can be a little trickier to print with, but come with many advantages, like a softer hand-feel and longer life. As these inks dye the garment rather than sitting on top, they’re more breathable, more resistant heat, and more flexible. 

All these techniques are achieved using water-based inks, perfect for tees, hoodies, sweatshirts, polos, totes and more. 

Puff Printed Hoodie for Brewdog

Puff Printing

Created using a special expanding paste, this eye-catching ink delivers a textured foam effect, giving a 3D finish. As shown here, it can be combined with traditional inks to add weight to your branding. Soft to the touch, it’s sure to attract attention.

High Build Print Effect

High Build

For a more refined raised effect, why not try a high-build screen print? Created using thicker, high-density inks to build an elevated print with added depth, this technique can be used on its own or combined with traditional inks to give a dramatic, high contrast finish. 

Metallics & Glitter

A little shimmer can really make your merch shine. Capable of turning heads even when used to print simple designs, our metallic and glitter inks add a striking dimension to your garment designs.

With pearlescentmulticolour, and reflective print effects all achievable using water-based inks, you’re sure to find a stand-out print to suit your brand. Our favourite? Black glitter ink set against a black tee for an understated sparkle.


You’ll already familiar with embroidery, it’s one of the most trusted methods for branding promotional clothing, but that’s just one of the ways we can add a premium and permanent flourish to your merchandise.

Printed Cotton Patches for Paddle


To really draw the eye to your logo, you might want to consider a patch. Not just for sports clubs and uniform, patches offer premium, tactile branding and can be cut to shape. Ours can be embroidered, woven, or printed, based on the level of detail in your artwork. Rest assured, all options deliver a high-end sporty aesthetic, with plenty of brand power.

Hem and Neck Tags

As the name suggests, these are additional tags of material sewn into the hem or inner neck of a garment, however they also look great on the cuff of a sleeve or the edge of a hood or beanie. Commonly applied in a contrast colour to make a statement, when you want to create a retail-level garment, woven or printed tags are the ideal finishing touch. And if you find a neck tag uncomfortable, we can even print to the inside neck.

Water-based Glitter Print

Swing Tags

Great for improving the perceived value of your branded clothing, we can attach any number of swing tags, printed to match your branding and colours, or even to help support your campaign story.


With all the available options, we wouldn’t blame you for struggling to choose just one. If your brief requires multiple branding positions or areas, we have good news. We can combine multiple branding methods and positions to ensure your branding will be seen from all angles.


For more information on combining branding positions, or if you’d like help creating your perfect promotional clothing, contact us at [email protected] or call us on 0203 488 7171