Watch your Brand Bloom with Promotional Plants

Not just for the green fingered, our easy-care promotional plants are the evergreen gift to keep your brand flourishing year-round. Plants make the perfect promotional gift for wellness activations, working from home kits, and milestone celebrations.

A bit of greenery is widely known to help lift moods, so what better way to add a positive reminder of your brand to hearts and homes.

Nurture Relationships, Grow your Business

Promotional plants are a fantastic gift to mark business links, employee milestones, and more, a brilliant reminder of your brand and a symbol of your budding relationship.

Treat the people that matter to your business to one of our grow kits so they can see their own plant grow from seed, or deliver a blooming reminder of your brand with our Hey Pots.

These concrete plant pots come complete with a choice of thriving nursery grown plant, so your recipient won’t even need to get their hands dirty. And if they *somehow* manage to kill the plant, they can try again by reusing the pot. Cactus options available for the seriously horticulturally challenged.

Great brands grow from small seeds

Much like a business relationship, sow a seed, give it some care and attention, and soon you’ll see the fruits of your labour. Our range of promotional branded seeds make a great bag drop for events and a lovely sustainable reminder for your brand. With a wide (try us) range of seeds available, you’ll be able to choose the perfect plant to tie in with your campaign.

Our favourite wildflower seed mix includes a selection of bee-friendly seeds to sustain these important pollinators as they play their critical role in the maintenance of healthy ecosystems, essential for our food production.

Opt for the famed Sprout Pencil, a natural wood pencil complete with a biodegradable seed capsule, and once worn down short, just plant the pencil to watch your blooms bud.

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