We’re making merch more sustainable

Branded merchandise can be a powerful tool for captivating audiences, but we’re all too familiar with low-quality gifts that can have the opposite effect.

Ever come away from events with uninspiring tat or been given an utterly forgettable gift to commemorate a special occasion? Our industry is saturated with the stuff, and it’s only good for tarnishing your brand’s image and harming the planet.

We were determined to change that, so we’re on a journey to revolutionise promotional merchandise.

Our mission is simple, make merch more sustainable. Because if you’re looking to inspire the people that matter most to your business… 

Sustainable merch just makes sense

It starts with better products

Farewell to underwhelming gifts! We’ve handpicked only the best merchandise available, primed to complement your brand narrative and sustainability objectives.

Choosing to brand only the most consciously-made items, we curated our collection to meet responsible sourcing values and stringent expectations on sustainability.

From elevated essentials to cost-effective bag drops, and even premium retail brands, you’ll find everything you need for your gifting occasions. And importantly, all items offer a genuine commitment to people and planet.

Ready to explore the range?

Identifying more sustainable merchandise

Not all merch is created equal. We want you to be comfortable in the knowledge that yours has been made in a more conscious way. All products we carry conform to at least one of nine product values, which assess materials, sourcing, and social good.

If an item doesn’t stack up, we won’t sell it. Simple as that.

Don’t take our word for it…

We believe in the power of transparency, going the extra mile to provide verifiable impact for people and planet.

Over 80% of our products or their suppliers hold environmental and social certifications from recognised third-parties, serving as reliable evidence of sustainable properties and practices.

We proudly display these certifications on each product page, so you can make informed choices, assured of the impact of your items.

Sustainability is constantly evolving, and so must our products. We embrace the latest advancements in sustainable practices to replace products that no longer align with the best in sustainable merchandise. By staying on the lookout for new and improved alternatives, we aim to continuously improve our environmental footprint.

We’re B Corp Certified

People, Planet, and Profit… on equal terms. We’re part of a global community of companies who believe in doing business the right way. 

Project for the Planet

Our mission goes beyond just merchandise. As well as lowering the impact of your merch, we’re dedicated to supporting initiatives that generate meaningful climate action for our planet.

With the help of Ecologi, we’re helping to fund global reforestation projects as well as vital carbon avoidance schemes that help reduce the effects of climate change.

For every £1,000 you spend with us, we help plant 25 trees and prevent 0.5 tonnes of CO2e emissions. 

We’ll let you know exactly how much impact has been generated with each order you place, so you can share the great news with your teams.

By choosing Project Merchandise, you contribute to reforestation and emissions reduction efforts.

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