Let Your Brand Shine Through the Showers

Branded umbrellas are a fantastic promotional gift with a recognised purpose, and let’s be honest, here in the UK they see their fair share of action. Want to get your brand seen out-and-about? With a branded brolly, you can build brand awareness on even the wettest of days.

Don’t Get Caught in the Rain

Whether you’re in the midst of a wet winter or spring showers are on the horizon, your gift will be on hand meaning your brand is sure to shine through. Promotional umbrellas are practical, reusable, and in many cases, portable, making them perfect gifts for commuters, event attendees, and everyday life. With their impactful branding potential, your campaigns will never be rained off again.

Sustainable, Stormproof Umbrellas

Every one of our promotional umbrellas, available in a range of sizes and styles, features a canopy made using recycled materials. That means your brolly avoids the use of virgin plastics, resulting in a lower environmental impact. What’s more, we offer a selection of umbrellas with eco-friendly bamboo components, including handles and safety tips.

Does this eco-friendly construction hamper their performance? Not a chance. Our umbrellas are built to be sturdy, flexible, and in many cases, stormproof.

Your Brolly, Branded Your Way

Choose your ideal umbrella, from our range of mini umbrellas, regular and walking umbrellas, or even golf umbrellas, and we’ll brand it as loud or as subtly as you like.

Not just limited to a printed panel, we’re able to offer options with fully sublimated canopies, so you can print the entire surface. Not stopping there, we can print your umbrella sleeve or apply a branded cap to the handle. Choose a bamboo option and we can even engrave the handle.

Whatever your fancy, we’ll help you create the perfect promotional umbrella for your brand. Contact our expert team and we’ll be sure to make sure your branded umbrella stands out from the crowd.