Promotional Bottles to Kickstart Your Refill Revolution

Eco-friendly branded merchandise for a positive brand impact

For commuters, hikers, and gym-goers, a reusable water bottle is essential for staying hydrated. We’ve selected some of our favourites to promote your brand, and get a grip on single-use.

By this point, we should all know the environmental issues associated with plastic waste. Bottles and caps are among the most common waste items found on beaches. Meanwhile microplastics have been found contaminating environments the world over. Our reliance on single-use, in particular, is in desperate need of a reset. As it stands, over a million single-use water bottles sold worldwide, each and every minute.

Many of us are back on the move or in the office, with many more soon to be. So what better opportunity for your brand to kickstart a refill revolution with branded drinkware! To help you on your way, we’ve picked out a few of our favourite promotional bottles. Our highlights will keep your brand fresh, whatever the occasion.

Belo Insulated Bottle

Available in a choice of vibrant colours, the Belo bottle is a refined take on the classic insulated bottle. Its copper construction offers excellent insulating performance, and its 500ml capacity will be enough to see you through your adventures.


On-The Go Bottle

If you want a unique promotional bottle to set your brand apart, the handled On-The-Go bottle is a fantastic option. The stylish handle offers added practicality, attach it to a bag using a carabiner clip for handsfree carrying. This one holds 680ml, and being insulated, you can fill it with hot or cold beverages.


Solid Colour Bottle

Want to keep it traditional? You can’t go wrong with our Solid Colour insulated bottle. It has a premium twist in its colour matched lid to avoid distracting from your branding. Along with a 500ml size, we also offer this sleek bottle in 260ml and 750ml options to suit all needs.


Canteen Bottle

With its recognisable yet unconventional styling, this Canteen style bottle is a sleek, modern alternative to the norm. From the same collection as the previous selections, you can offer a choice while retaining perfectly matching colours and finishes, for a beautifully unified gifting scheme. The bamboo lid gives this 700ml bottle a subtle earthy twist, and can be engraved for a premium finish.

h2o eco colour options

H2O Eco 

If you’re looking for an entry level bottle that satisfies on sustainability, the H2O Eco bottle offers some refreshing qualities. The bottle, offered in smoky grey or royal blue, is made from Prevented Ocean plastic. This is collected within 50 km of an ocean coastline or major waterway that feeds the ocean. Coming in at 650ml, and with a choice of lids, this recycled bottle is made right here in the UK for a reduced impact.

Ocean Bottle

Last, but by no means not least, the Ocean Bottle. With two openings, it’s also made from prevented ocean plastic in its screw-off lid, which doubles as a cup. But what really impresses us goes beyond the bottle. For every purchase, Ocean Bottle helps fund further plastic bottles from becoming ocean waste. Working with Plastic Bank, Ocean Bottle have collected over 5 million Kg of plastic from areas at risk of pollution.

If none of that is enough, it’s one of the few options that’s also machine washable.


Branding your Promotional Bottle

Because the bottle is only the beginning of your decision process, we can’t not mention branding. Almost all of our bottles come printed, with some capable of taking multiple colours, or even full colour.

If print isn’t right for you, though, we also offer engraving on a wide range of drinkware. Great for a high-end finish, a laser engraved logo is guaranteed to last the life of your product.

For maximum impact, we offer both of these branding options as 360° wraps. Available on a select range of bottles, these embellishments deliver a truly bespoke appearance. There’s no better way to keep your brand looking as cool (or hot) as the drinks inside.

For more info or pricing on these or any other promotional bottles, get in touch at [email protected] or call 0203 488 7171.