Eco-friendly branded merchandise for a positive brand impact

Conscious purchasing

Conscious purchasing decisions can help tackle environmental and social issues, helping us leave the planet a little better than we found it. We drew up the below product values to identify more sustainable” merchandise. 

They have become our core product selection criteria, and all products we carry conform to one or more of these values. It’s our way of minimising our environmental impact, and where possible, doing something positive. 

Product Values

Our way of identifying sustainable merchandise


Recycled Materials

Items that reduce waste by using a minimum of 50% recycled materials that may otherwise have ended up in landfill or the ocean. ​


Never single use, these products are made in a more conscious way, so you’ll never want to throw them away.


Avoiding the use of all materials or ingredients of animal origin.​



These products contain elements that break down faster than more commonly used materials, without harming the environment. ​

Made in the UK

Sourcing locally reduces the number of miles a product travels and therefore its carbon footprint.​

Social Contribution

Supporting good causes such as tree planting or water access programs.

Natural Materials

Less processing, less energy, less waste. Contains natural materials that decompose faster and are easier on the planet.​


Produced without pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals that can put the delicate balance of nature at risk.

Plastic Free

Plastic waste persists in our environment for many years. Plastic-free alternatives can greatly reduce our impact on the planet.

We hate waste.
There, we said it.

Project Merchandise exists to reduce the environmental impact of promotional products. We seek out the very best products, including those that switch out synthetics for natural materials, avoid harmful chemicals, or cut excess packaging.

To do that, we had to start at our product selection. This is no template offering; we have curated the products on our site to ensure they conform with a stringent sustainability criteria.  

Project Merchandise is the only UK distributor committed to delivering exclusively items with eco-friendly credentials. 

At times that may mean losing out, but from day one we have strived to make positive and sustainable decisions for our business and the environment, not to ‘go the extra mile,’ but because we believe this should be the norm. 

Part of our mission is to challenge our supply chain and champion sustainably made products, in the hope that through increased demand, we can in turn increase the breadth and availability of eco-friendly merchandise options.

Project for the Planet


As a sustainably focused business, our mission goes beyond merchandise. So as well as offering only the most eco-friendly merch for your campaigns, we’re tirelessly working to reduce our impact.

With the help of our partners Ecologi, we’re supporting global reforestation projects that benefit the earth and local communities, planting trees to help combat the effects of climate change.

As these trees are in their infancy, they’re a little while away from doing their thing… Consider them something for the future 🌱

To make sure we’re directly impacting atmospheric CO2 levels now, we’re also offsetting CO2 emissions through the purchase of verified carbon offsets that prevent greenhouse gases from entering the atmosphere (such as renewable energy projects which displace existing fossil fuel energy).

For every £500 you spend with us, we will plant 25 trees and offset 0.5 tonnes of CO2


Shipments often contribute a significant portion of a product’s total environmental impact.

Wherever possible, we look to minimise the impact of our operations by avoiding air freight in favour of more ecological means of transport such as road haulage or sea.

To further reduce mileage, we work with a number of suppliers that hold stock in the UK and within the EU, meaning that these slower transport modes don’t have a significant effect on lead times for you, our customers.