About Project

Eco-friendly merchandise to build a positive brand impact

Project Merchandise was launched to help clients build brilliant branded merchandise into their campaigns, responsibly.

We source and create engaging, sustainable and, above all, brand-authentic merchandise that cuts through the noise.

On top of that, we’ve handpicked our product offering to ensure that all products and suppliers meet our own stringent expectations on sustainability.

With a vast range of sustainable options at varied price points, Project. takes the guesswork out of planet-conscious promotions, whilst remaining competitive on price.

After all… Great promotional merchandise needn’t cost the earth.


To hasten the shift towards sustainable promotional merchandise, by engaging and challenging our clients and suppliers alike, in order to make these more accessible, affordable and desirable.


Enabling brands to build connections more consciously, by delivering sustainable, engaging, and above all, brand-authentic merchandise.


Our aim is to provide the finest promotional merchandise, allowing our customers to make more meaningful connections. In working towards this aim, we mustn’t neglect our socio-environmental responsibilities. As a business, we believe we can deliver sustainable products and a fantastic service while doing the right thing for the planet and its inhabitants.​

A never-ending project, we aim to embrace and push for more sustainable promotional product and practices.​ This includes educating and working with our customers and suppliers to make these more accessible, affordable and desirable.

We believe that business should be a force for good, so we’re committing 3% of our profits as well as a portion of our time to a few choice causes that do amazing work to protect our planet and improve the lives of some of the most disadvantaged people that we share it with.​

A Never-ending Project

We understand that we cannot buy our way to a sustainable future, but we have built our business on some core values to help reduce the social and environmental impact of fantastic brand promotions.

Project. for the Planet

There isn’t a quick fix for the environmental and social issues we face today, but we believe in doing our bit to be part of the solution through charity donation and volunteering.