Eco-friendly branded merchandise for a positive brand impact

Project Loves

Product Values

Our way of identifying sustainable merchandise.

Recycled Materials

Items that reduce waste by using a minimum of 50% recycled materials that may otherwise have ended up in landfill or the ocean. ​


Never single use, these products are made in a more conscious way, so you’ll never want to throw them away.


Avoiding the use of all materials or ingredients of animal origin.​



These products contain elements that break down faster than more commonly used materials, without harming the environment. ​

Made in the UK

Sourcing locally reduces the number of miles a product travels and therefore its carbon footprint.​

Social Contribution

Supporting good causes such as tree planting or water access programs.

Natural Materials

Less processing, less energy, less waste. Contains natural materials that decompose faster and are easier on the planet.​


Produced without pesticides, herbicides, or chemicals that can put the delicate balance of nature at risk.

Plastic Free

Plastic waste persists in our environment for many years. Plastic-free alternatives can greatly reduce our impact on the planet.

But marketing is digital now, right?

Wrong. It’s about a holistic strategy.

Promotional merchandise is so much more than an event giveaway. It’s an important complementary touch point that lasts in the memory.

Think employee onboarding kits, ambassador welcome packs, well-being gifts to reinforce connections, especially while we work from home.

From virtual events to customer delight incentives, Project Merchandise has you covered with product suggestions, branding techniques, bespoke packaging, fulfilment and storage – all with sustainability, innovation and design at the forefront.

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Not sure where to start?

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