New Starter Pack


Including a range of useful items for new employees, suitable for desks at home or in the office, this eco-friendly onboarding pack is a great way to give your new team members a welcome to remember.

You can choose the contents of your onboarding pack from our extensive range of sustainably made and eco-friendly promo merch, or take inspo from the team.

Wrap up your perfect welcome pack in just three easy steps:

1: Select your branded merchandise
Choose from our merch collection, check out what we’ve done for other brands, or contact our team for inspiration.

2: Select your packaging
We can package your onboarding pack in anything from a simple kraft box to a luxury full colour presentation box. We can also add your choice of coloured tissue, stickers, or kraft sizzle to fill the box.

3: Choose your delivery method
As well as bulk and individual delivery, we offer inventory management, so if you’re expecting new starters regularly, you can call off individual packs as they join.
Whatever you choose, we’ve got you covered for all UK and international delivery requirements.

Enquire now to build your perfect onboarding pack.


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