Christmas Gifts with Impact – Rethinking the Season of Giving

Eco-friendly branded merchandise for a positive brand impact

With Christmas just around the corner, you might be looking to share the holiday spirit with employees and clients. This year, why not add some impact to your gifting? With these Christmas gifting ideas, you can support some great causes at the same time!

Christmas gifting is a brilliant opportunity to highlight the positives of the year and show appreciation to those that matter. And with an estimated 10m people in the UK feeling undervalued at work, a thoughtful gift goes a long way to creating a positive workplace culture. 

On the topic of thoughtful gifting, this year we’re shining the spotlight on some fantastic businesses with even better social missions. Through their products, they give important support to underserved communities and environmental projects. 

So without further ado, here’s a few gifts we’d love to see under our tree…

S’wheat Bottle

S’wheat Bottle – The Plant-based Reusable Bottle

Suitable for hot and cold drinks, the S’wheat Bottle is stylish and functional, complete with a locking spout and carabiner. Made from an innovative blend of wheat and bamboo, it repurposes plant materials that would otherwise go to waste. 

If that wasn’t sweet enough, the company does some good with every bottle sold. A social enterprise, S’wheat funds the collection of 20lbs of ocean-bound plastic and plants a tree with every sale. A further portion of profits then goes towards protecting sea life.

Harry Specters Signature Selection

Harry Specters Chocolates – Empowering People Affected by Autism

These delicious chocolates are handmade in Cambridge by Harry Specters, founded by husband-and-wife team Mona and Shaz, inspired by their son Ash who has autism. 

Every lovingly handcrafted bar and chocolate is made from sustainably grown cocoa, and helps improve the lives of autistic people. As a social enterprise, they put 69p of every £1 towards creating jobs and work experience opportunities for autistic people and their families.

Does the chocolate pass the taste test? Well, Harry Spectors has won 34 awards in just 5 years, including a host of Great Taste awards. We think that speaks for itself. 

A Good Phone Case

A Good Company – Fighting the Good Fight

Transforming mindless consumption to conscious decisions, A Good Company is creating everyday products, made better for people and planet. 

Their Mobile Cases are 100% made from plants, using farming by-produce, tackling plastic and single use in one. Each phone case supports the Malala Fund, enabling girls to gain an education in places that isn’t considered a right.

We also offer a Stone Paper Notebook, funding water projects that provide access to up to 500 litres of clean, safe water with every sale.

Ocean Bottle Brew

Ocean Bottle Brew – Turning the Tide on Ocean Plastic

From the team behind the award-winning Ocean Bottle, the 350ml brew flask is designed to be the only portable hot drink companion you’ll ever need. 

Just like its bigger brother, the Brew features a 90% recycled stainless steel body and recycled plastic bottom plate, but thanks to the new 360° lid, you can take in the aroma of your coffee and sip from any angle.

More important thank the flask, every flask purchased helps end the flow of plastic into the ocean. Each sale funds the collection of 11.4kg of plastic waste in some of the world’s most affected areas, helping create long-term recycling infrastructure and social mobility along the way.

Create an Impactful Christmas Pack

If you’re considering combining multiple products to maximise your positive impact, we can help you create your perfect Christmas Gift Pack. These are just a few of our latest Social Contribution products, if you’d like to see more, take a look at the range here.

Would you like help building an impactful gift pack this Christmas? Contact us at [email protected] or call us on 0203 488 7171.