Sustainable Merch Ideas for New & Returning Employees

Eco-friendly branded merchandise for a positive brand impact

Growing the team, or welcoming staff back to the office after a long COVID-dictated absence? We’ve compiled some sustainable merchandise suggestions to help make the switch a warming, welcoming experience.

Not long ago, most of us had never heard of ‘furlough’ and working from home sounded like a distant pipedream. But after a long year of working in our pyjamas, starting Zoom calls with “can you hear me?”, and signing emails off with “stay safe”, perhaps unsurprisingly, 91% of workers now say they would prefer not to work from home full-time.

And with COVID-19 restrictions continuing to ease in the UK, many businesses will no doubt be looking at how to safely welcome staff back into their office premises on a full-time or hybrid basis.

Now more than ever, starting a new job, or returning to the office and the commute might feel a bit of a shock to the system. We’ve selected a few comforts to make for a soft landing.


Hey Pots Plants

A touch of greenery can help a workspace feel more homely, and when thinking of promotional plants and desktop merchandise, we can think of nothing better than the HeyPot.
One of favourite promo products, you can brand the natural clay pot with an engraved logo. On the reverse, you can personalise with a custom message. Also available as a vegan candle, it’s the perfect way to say “Hey”.


Promotional Sweets

We may have spent the last year entirely too close to the snack cupboard, but we’ll always be delighted to receive a treat at the office. Vegan friendly (who knew?) and packaged in an eco-conscious kraft paper pouch that’s entirely biodegradable, these Skittles will go down a storm. You can even select just the colours relevant to your brand!


Branded Drinks Bottles

When you’re not sat at the kitchen table all day, it’s easy to forget to stay hydrated. Just as useful on the desk or the commute, a reusable bottle like the Oasis is a great practical gift for a post-COVID world. As well as a logo we offer personalisation, so you can add a name or initials to ensure nobody mistakes yours for their own.


Promotional Backpacks and Laptop Bags

With options at all prices, promotional bags can make for excellent daily workhorses or premium gifts for executives. Our Brendon collection is commute-ready and aces the style test too. Including laptop and backpack options, subtly branded with an embossed patch, these bags ooze understated class.


Corporate Branded Notebooks

No more notes scrawled on the backs of envelopes, it’s time for an upgrade. Get your team meeting ready with one of our many promotional notebooks and notepads. With vegan and recycled options like the Recyco Flyer, and even made-to-order notebook styles with straps and pen loops to match your brand colours, we’ve got your needs covered.


Promotional Branded Pens

They’re popular for a reason – cost-effective, practical, and always kept at hand, promotional pens aren’t going anywhere just yet. And with more recycled and biodegradable pens available than ever before, they’re only getting better! One of our favourites, the Write Responsible pen features a cork barrel and recycled plastic components to help reduce its impact.

Logo Cupcakes

Everybody loves an edible desk drop, and these delicious logo branded cupcakes are no exception. Available as individual cakes and in packs for the whole team, they can even be prepared using gluten-free, vegan, and dairy free recipes. A welcoming staff pick-me-up that’s sure to leave nobody out.

Want to explore sustainable employee gifting merchandise for your business? Drop us a line at [email protected], or call us on 0203 488 7171.