Zero Waste Week: Small changes your business can take to reduce waste

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The 7th September is an important date for us for a couple of reasons, firstly, the date marks our launch to customers (yay!) However, perhaps more importantly, it marks the beginning of Zero Waste Week in the UK.

Championing a more responsible attitude to the waste we create as businesses and individuals, Zero Waste Week is all about raising awareness about the environmental impact of waste.

We can all afford to improve our practices in this respect, so in this blog, we’re celebrating Zero Waste Week 2020 by sharing some easy ways to reduce business waste.

Project. Top Tips

1. Say ‘no’ to single use

Are your bins filled with preventable waste? Plastic bottles, wax coffee cups, coffee pods, straws, and even sauce sachets are items that we can live without. Encourage greener habits by gifting reusable items to your team.

2. Rein in paper waste

It’s a familiar scene, piles of forgotten paper clogging up the printer tray, or even dropping onto the floor, never to be collected. Paper waste is one of the most common office by-products. But there’s an easy fix, if we print what’s necessary, and print on both sides of the paper. Any paper that is forgotten or finished with can be shredded and used as box packaging, reducing the need for bubble wrap.

3. Get picky on packaging

If you use products that come packaged with excess plastic, we suggest looking for alternative companies focused on zero-waste. With less inbound plastic, less will end up in the bin.

For your outbound, try cellophane instead of plastic wrapping. It’s plant based, biodegradable and breaks down after around 120 days.

When sending or storing items, reuse boxes or use reusable ones. Seal them closed with gummed tape rather than yet more plastic.

4. Make recycling easy

Most of us will agree that it’s better to recycle where possible. But convenience is key to making a positive change. To get your team on board, make sure recycling bins are located next to rubbish bins, and make it clear what items belong where. You can buy or print recycling signs online, just take note of what is collected in your area. If it goes really well, you may even be able to reduce the number of ‘general waste’ bins.

5. Donate

Otherwise useful items that are no longer needed can be donated to local charities. You can even ask team members to bring in unwanted items from home to donate and create a feel-good atmosphere.

So there you have it, our top tips for waste reduction that every business can utilise. Zero may sound like an unachievable goal, but small reductions like these are meaningful actions that will help us get closer.

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